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I watched as our two Galvan handymen Blukic and Driba test fired a new laser gun on Ben, who had turned into Chromastone. "It's still not working right, Blukic!" the shorter Driba said. "Set it on stun, we get blast! Set it on blast, we get a low battery warning!"

"The knob is on upside down, Driba!" the taller Blukic said, pointing at the knob that changed the settings on the laser gun. I rolled my eyes. "Come on, guys," Ben said to them as he changed back to normal. "Are we done here? I thought Galvans were supposed to be the smartest beings in the universe! As in, figure stuff out quickly so Ben Tennyson can go home smart?" The two got angry at Ben and decided to continue testing the laser without warning him. However, they were too distracted to see a shadowy man run right past them. "Who could that be at this hour?" I thought to myself as I followed him. While I wasn't the best at mana or changing into aliens, there was one thing I was far better at than Ben--stealth.

I tailed the man until he got to the computer room. He had some sort of flash drive in his hand, which he stuck into the computer. "Play helix files, holo display," the man said with a heavy Australian accent. I watched from a distance, curious to know exactly what was in the Helix files. A good amount of the data kept in the files was not very surprising to know about--like Ben's attitude, Azmuth's attitude, and how annoying Albedo really was. Why did I even like him? What I didn't know was that these files contained the origin of that Malware guy from back when Ben and I were 11 and 9. "Malware?" I whispered. The man turned around to see if anyone was there. I hid on the other side of the door, hoping he didn't see me.

As soon as I peered out of hiding, he was done looking at the file. "Hmm, this has been illuminating. Copy helix files. Copy all files. Designate...Ben Tennyson." I then looked at my device. "Please do this for me," I whispered. "Sororotrix, camera mode!" I managed to get a picture of the man before Ben, Blukic and Driba walked up to me. "Where have you been?" Ben asked. "Come on, let's go home. I'd like to change into pants that haven't been on fire." I nodded and followed him, but I could only think about that mysterious man I saw. Who was he? What did he want?
Omniverse Chapter, Chapter 6: The Truth
A short chapter, but Dawn didn't appear in that flashback. This is also, if I'm correct, the first time I've shown the Sororotrix have features other than the Omnitrix mode.
Ben's Team Scooby Stack by MomokoTuHarumaki
Ben's Team Scooby Stack
A quick sketch of the entire team in my Ben 10 fanfic, minus Zed since I forgot to draw her. I decided to do the Scooby Stack trope, if you don't know what that is Google it, to illustrate them. I also drew Kevin with his scar because it makes him look cool.

Ben 10 Belongs to Man of Action
Dawn belongs to me
Time Slows Down Whenever You're Around by MomokoTuHarumaki
Time Slows Down Whenever You're Around
A sketch I made of Dawn and Rook in wake of the two chapters I posted over the weekend. Aren't they such a cute little couple? I titled it after a line of lyrics from "Today Was a Fairytale" by Taylor Swift.

I only own my character Dawn.
Everything was peaceful until some strange anchor-like objects fell from the sky. When they plowed into the ground, they connected themselves by a laser to an unknown object. Without saying anything, Rook, Ben, and I flew to the source of the objects. “That is one big honking ship,” Ben said, his jaw dropping. Rook turned up the radio. “I cannot hear any honking,” Rook innocently said. Ben groaned. “Rook, it’s an expression,” Ben said.

“Ah, right…” Rook said, trying to hide his embarrassment. “That honking ship has anchored itself to Earth.”  We suddenly got loud and piercing feedback. “How’s it going up there Ben?” Grandpa Max asked over the radio.

“We’re on approach now,” Ben said. “How’s it going down there?”

“It’s nothing a little seasoning won’t fix,” he replied. “Remember, we don’t know what’s on that ship, so be careful!” Ben scoffed. “Come on, Grandpa, you know me!” Ben said. I shook my head. “That’s why I said it,” Grandpa Max told him.

“Okay, I promise we’ll call if Dawn, Rook, and I find anything weird,” Ben said. Rook and I noticed a large hole in the bulkhead of the ship. “Weird like that?” Rook asked. Acknowledging that this ship and whatever made that hole was a threat, the three of us boarded the ship and walked around to investigate. “You can take off the mask,” Ben said. Rook and I removed our gas masks. “How did you know there was a suitable atmosphere?” Rook asked.

“It’s never been a problem before, and since I’m still upright—“ Ben said before tripping on some bubble wrap. Rook had a fascination with the sheet of bubble wrap and placed it in his pocket before we continued on. “Here’s another!” Rook said as he picked up another sheet of bubble wrap. “What does it do?” Ben popped one of the bubbles, causing Rook to jump before trying to pop more bubbles.  I suddenly heard footsteps. “SHHH! Do you hear that?” I asked. We all got quiet to hear loud footsteps coming up towards us. We hid behind the two large pillars next to us. As soon as the footsteps got to us, we jumped out and shouted “Freeze!”

“The Vreedle Brothers?!” Ben shouted in shock. The Vreedles were surprised to see us as well. “Ben Tennyson! And associates…” Octagon said. Rook aimed the Proto-Tool at them. “The two lowest beings in the galaxy,” he said. I couldn’t help but ask why, that was, until they started shooting at us. “As much as I really want to know Rook’s quarrel with Vreedledum and Vreedledumber, I think we should do something,” I said. Rook nodded as he fired shots back. We were then caught off guard by Ben becoming Grey Matter, who had little to no use as far as I could tell. At least I thought so until Ben climbed onto the ceiling and used some pipes to freeze the Vreedles in their place.
“You’re both beneath contempt! The worst villains in the galaxy,” Rook said. I stepped forward. “I really hate to ask this, Rook, but why? These two are total blockheads!” I asked.

“Yea, since when? I thought you two became plumbers!” Ben asked the Vreedles.

“Ooh, about that…” Octagon said.

“These two vermin destroyed the Plumber Academy’s ammunition dump!” Rook said angrily.

“And the academy proper!” Octagon said.

“We blowed it up real good! We couldn’t help ourselves,” Boid said.

“I had to take my final exam on a temporary trailer on an ASTEROID!” Rook roared, his patience wearing thin. I never saw Rook so angry. It was scary, but all the while alluring. “The plumbers have been hunting us down ever since!” Boid said.

“Is that why you hijacked this cruiser? To get back at the Plumbers?” Ben asked. The Vreedles stared at each other. “That had not occurred to us,” Octagon said. “We was merely scavenging this here random derelict vessel for weapons.”

“AHA!” Rook shouted. “Which was when you blew that hole in the bulkhead!”

“That does indeed sound like something we would do, but, oddly enough, we did not,” Octagon said. We were interrupted by an alarm sounding and an image on the screen of the Proto-TRUK being lifted. “My ship!” Rook said. I glared at the Vreedles then back at Rook. “That ain’t us neither!” Boid said. Ben then looked at the console for anything to bring back the Proto-TRUK. “AH! Tractor Beam!” Ben said. After pushing the button, he turned back to normal. “Come on Rook, let’s see who tried to jack your ride!”

“These two abominators are coming with us!” Rook said, pointing the Proto-Tool at the Vreedles. When we got to the door to the hangar bay, we prepared to attack whoever tried to steal Rook’s ship. “Argit?!” Ben asked as Argit walked in.

“Ben? Dawn? AW, BUDDIES!” Argit said, hugging me. “Did either of you cut your hair?” I tried to push Argit off of me angrily. “Drop it and let her go, space vermin!” Rook said angrily. He let go of me. “Hey, back off, tough guy! I have the Annihilarrg! And I ain’t afraid to use it!”

“The Annihilarrg?!” Rook, the Vreedles, and I said in unison.

“The whataharrg?” Ben asked. “Spill.”

“The Annihilarrg is just an ancient legend, like Alien X!” Rook said.

“Oh, it’s real alright,” Argit said.

“So is Alien X!” Ben added.

“Look around you! I recognize this tub from the bedtime stories my mom used to tell me!” Argit said. Yeah, before you got top dollar for her. “I know those stories as well, but that is what they are! Stories, fantasy!” Rook said in a calmer tone.

“And yet, here we are, on the very ship of legend!” Argit said. “I swiped a ride and flew up here as soon as this thing appeared in the sky!”

“You’re the individual who smashed into side of the ship,” Rook said.

“That, uhh, was a parallel-parking error in judgement!” Argit said, hiding his embarrassment. “I don’t do a lot of docking. I’m sure you understand, Dawnny!” I turned away from him. “Yeah, right, you little needle rat!” I growled. “At least I don’t steal ships for a living!”

“That there was some mighty fine pointless destruction, son,” Octagon said to Argit.

“I wants the Annihilarrg, Octagon, so’s we can do some pointless destruction,” Boid said.

“You know what would be great?” Ben said, getting everyone’s attention. “An explanation. Because some of us did not grow up in outer space.”

“Well, there was an ancient pan-dimensional civilization, the Contumelia,” Rook said. “Their favorite pastime was fliiting from parallel universe to parallel universe, scaring the locals”

“If they liked the universe they threatened, they would move on to the next one,” I added.

“But things went poorly if they came to dislike a Universe.”

“Then, they would whip out their piece of resistance, the Annihilarrg!” Argit added.

“Who comes up with these names?” Ben asked.

“It’s full names is longer,” Octagon told him. “But once it goes off, you only have time to say the first part.”

“So, where are the Contumelia now?” Ben asked.

“They died off eons ago,” Rook said. “The legends say their deserted ship drifts from cosmos to cosmos, bearing a weapon that can in fact, destroy the universe. Apparently the stories were true, about the ship at least.”

“And the Annihilarrg!” Argit said

“A ghost ship with a doomsday device on board? Puh-lease! What kind of dimwit would believe that?” Ben asked. The Vreedles raised their hands. The entire ship was then shaken by an explosion. “Don’t tell me someone else is on here!” I said angrily. We then saw an Incursean ship trying to board. “We cannot let them get the Annihilarrg!” Rook told us.

“I’m not sure that whatchamacallit’s real. But the Incurseans are, and they’re bad news!” Ben said. “And guess who is going to help us!” He then looked at Argit and the Vreedles. “You are not serious!” Rook and I said.

“Three petty crooks, one froggy dictator? You do the math!”

“Four or two? Are-are we adding or subtracting?” Rook asked. Ben glared at him. “Oh, an-an expression, right.” He began to blush. Ben then suggested we split up. I went with Rook. “We should do a surprise ambush together,” Rook said. “We should be able to combine your magic abilities with my acrobatics.” I then heard some Incurseans coming. “You should hide higher up,” I whispered. “Then it would be more unexpected.” Rook nodded as we hid out of sight. Our plan managed to work as I used a charm on Rook to improve his armor and luck and Rook took them down by making them shoot each other. “What would Ben say?” Rook asked, looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders. “Something clever?” Rook then thought of something. “Lying down on the job, are we?” Rook said. “I rather like that!” I couldn’t help but giggle a little. We then joined Ben. “Where’s Argit?” Rook asked.

“Well? Where are the Vreedle Brothers?” Ben asked back. Argit was then brought in by some Incurseans. “You double-dealing salamander!” Argit snarled at Milleous.

“Leave us discuss this matter later!” Milleous said.

“No, ‘leave us discuss this matter’ now! We had a deal, frog legs! You said you would buy the Annihilarrg from me! Now in light of your little attack here, I’m guessing you didn’t plan on honoring your commitments?”

“I conquer worlds for a living! What did you expect?” Ben then grabbed Argit by the collar. “Where is the Annie, uh Annih--“
“Annihilarrg!” we all said to Ben.

“Funny you should ask,” Argit said. “The Vreedle brothers have left the building.”

“With what might be the most destructive device IN THE UNIVERSE?!” Ben roared. “And they’re heading to Earth with it! Argit!” He then turned back to normal after throwing Argit. “We’ve got to stop the Vreedle brothers before they set off that, that…”


“Whatever! I still say it’s not a real threat. But I don’t wanna take any chances when it comes to the Earth!”

“What about the Incurseans?” Rook asked.

“Argit, you keep Emperor Milleous from escaping. Emperor Milleous, if you escape, don’t hurt Argit…too much!” He gave Argit the Incursean blaster as we left to fly back to Earth. “Dawn, can you put up a shield around the ship as we fly back into the atmosphere?” Rook asked. I became uneasy. “Well, I’ll try, but I don’t know if I’m good at…“ Rook placed a hand on my shoulder. “You can do it. I have seen how good you are,” Rook said. “Believe in yourself.” My face turned red, but I used my powers to surround the Proto-TRUK in a protective aura. As we were flying back, shots were being fired at us by the Incurseans and the Vreedles, and we were firing back. The problem was though, was that my shield was failing.

“Dawn!” Ben said to me.

“Ben!” I said. “Rook!”

“Dawn!” Rook said to me.

“Rook!” Ben said to Rook.

“Ben!” Rook said back to Ben.

“We can’t keep this up,” Ben said. A shot from the Incurseans hit the TRUK. “You’re right about that!” Rook said. “We’re going down! Hang on!” We all landed at the Mr. Smoothy. “Next time, I drive,” Ben said. We then watched as the Incurseans landed right next to our ships. They came out with guns loaded, pointed at Argit. “This looks bad,” Rook said.

“And it’s about to get worse.” The Vreedles had the Annihilarrg in hand, ready to do anything they wanted. “Attention, amphibians. My brother, Boid, and myself hereby suggest that y’all surrender your weapons or we shall be obliged to use this.”

“That’s it?” Ben asked.

“I admit,” Rook said. “It’s far less impressive in person.”

“Not a very convincing Doomsday device.”

“Ben, do something!” Argit pleaded.

“Please, put that thing down before it goes off!” Rook said, drawing the Proto-Tool.

“Well, sir, that there only further piques our interest, seeing as how what we enjoys most is blowing stuff up,” Octagon said. We soon began to fight over the Annihilarrg, which caused it to go off and get ready to detonate. “Why are you all standing around?!” Argit asked in a panic. “Somebody has to stop this from happening! The Universe is where I keep all my stuff!” Argit tried to get Ben to use the Omnitrix, but Ben threw him off of his shoulder. “Okay, Omnitrix. I don’t want Goop, I don’t want Stinkfly. Just give me something to diffuse this thing so we can all get on with our lives,” Ben said. I grabbed on to Rook’s hand as Ben turned into Alien X. “Alien X! It IS real!” Rook said. We tried to see if he would do anything, but he just stood there as the Annhilarrg went off.

Ben stood motionless in his Alien X form as the universe corroded around us. The very ground we stood on was fading under my and Rook's feet as we looked at each other. "Rook..." I said. Rook saw me shaking. "Yes Dawn?" he asked back. I then got closer to him as the place I was standing faded away. "I don't know how much longer you and I will have together before we face our impending demise, but there's something I have to tell you," I said as I became misty-eyed. This was my only chance to tell him, especially now that we were dying. "Rook," I said, clutching him. "I... I LOVE YOU!" As he and I were about to kiss, we faded away from Ben’s sight.

I could feel myself falling into oblivion, satisfied that I could at last confess my feelings to Rook before he and I were separated permanently. “Dawn! Come back to me, Dawn!” I heard Ben calling. All I could do was close my eyes, only to wake up to how Rook and I were before the Annihilarrg went off. “Nothing happened,” I said, shaking off the memories of the near death experience I just had. Rook nodded. He and I then looked down to see that we were holding hands. We shyly disconnected our hands as the Vreedle Brothers crushed the Annihilarg. “Well, well, well! Too bad about that!” Argit said. “But I did get it for you Milleous, and a deal’s a deal. So, how about that half ton of Taydenite you owe me?” Milleous had his guards take aim at Argit. “Or we could just call it even.” Before he could slip away, Rook stopped him and we arrested him.

“That is… Difficult to believe,” Rook said.

“I know right? I was too late to save the Universe, so I constructed a whole new one!” Ben said.

“Yeah, not buying it,” Argit said. “Nothing’s different.”

“Yeah, Ben,” I said. “It all feels the same.”

“Of course not!” Ben said. “I made an exact copy!”

“Of everything?” Rook asked.

“Yes everything!”

“In the universe?”

“Including you!” Rook, Argit, and I stared at each other. ”So you have said. I am sorry, Ben, but I have no memory of this,” Rook said. “What is more likely… that you had a panic-induced hallucination…”

“Or that oh so special you are the only thing that’s left of the entire universe?” Argit asked.

“Really, Ben,” I said. “You come up with the strangest things.”

“Fine, don’t believe me. I don’t care. I did it. I saved the universe…again! That’s all that matters. You should be thanking me.” We could only glare at him as he took a sip of his smoothie.
Omniverse Chapter, Chapter 5: HHGTS
Chapter 5 is now here too! It's based off of "So Long and Thanks for All the Smoothies". I gave the title an acronym this time for "Hitchhiker's Guide to Smoothies" since I can't give writings a big title.
Rook and I waited in the Proto-TRUK while Ben grabbed some Burger Shack. "What are you eating?" I asked Rook. He looked up from his unusual dish and smiled at me. "Mycetian Swamphoppers! Would you like a bite?" he asked. I nodded as he gave me a hopper. "Mmmm... So much better than my cricket and chicken sandwich!" I said. All Rook and I could do was smile at each other as Ben crawled back in to the truck, grumbling to himself. "All this time you two were sitting here, eating..." Ben growled.

"Mycetian Swamphoppers! Would you like some?" Rook asked.

"They're amazingly good!" I said.

"Yuck! You two and Grandpa Max!" Ben groaned. "Why didn't either you come help me?!"

"You should have said something," Rook said.

"Like what?!"

"Like, 'Rook, Dawn, help me.'"

"I didn't NEED help!" Ben said. "Ah, look at this!!! There's chili fries on my burger and hot fudge sundae over the whole thing!" Without even thinking, Ben stuffed the entire mound of horrible food mixture into his mouth. "You're disgusting," I said. Ben smiled. "And you eat bugs. So we're even," Ben said. "It seems lately like I've been attacked by more monsters in Tokyo."

"I thought that was normal," Rook said as he took another bite of swamphoppers.

"These things aren't normal! Who would want to sick freaky monsters on me?" Ben asked. I gave Rook a nudge and gestured him to help Ben feel better. "Dude, who would not want to sick freaky monsters on you?" Rook said awkwardly. All I could do was facepalm. "I've been working on my conversational earthling."

"Wait, there is one nutcase who totally does the whole ‘mutant creature’ thing,” Ben said. “Dr. Animo.”

"Dr. Animo?" Rook asked.

"Yea, guy's been after me since I was little. Freaky frogs, mutant bats, prairie dogs, you name it," Ben said.

"I am not familiar with this nutcase of which you speak, but their is a Dr. Animo is currently in a holding cell at Plumber headquarters." We headed over to HQ to find Dr. Animo. "I'm telling you, it's got to be Animo!" Ben said.

"That is what you are telling us," Rook said. "They say Tyrak the tyrant managed to stage a military coup without ever leaving his prison cell."

"That's what Animo must be doing!" Ben said.

"He had plasma cannons and an army of several million!"

"Well, Animo can use like a million, billion animals! Ever since I was 10 years old, he would attack cities with his animal freaks and I would stop him. He would always say, 'Curse you, Ben Tennyson! Curse you and your meddling ways!'"

"Did he actually say that?" Rook asked.

"Yea, Ben. I don't remember him ever saying that the times I've helped," I said.

"Totally! Maybe... Close enough. I don't always listen," Ben said. No surprise there. "Sounds like a harmless eccentric," Rook said.

"He is NOT harmless," I said, showing a scar on my arm from an attack. We then opened his cell to see no one there at all. Just a bunch of creepy, hand sewn mutant toys and some ants. "What did I tell you, Rook? The crazy is right here in front of you!" Ben said, tossing Rook a creepy doll.

"Conversely, the prisoner is not," Rook said. I began to try to douse around for his mana signature. "Ugh, too many other signatures. It's in the hundreds," I said. Ben then saw the ants. "Hey, what are these ants doing here?" Ben asked, noticing the ants I was detecting.

"Ants are common," Rook said. "There are over 12,000 species."

"Yes, but what are THESE ants doing HERE?" Ben asked, sliding back the toilet to find a secret passage. "Still think Animo's not the guy who's attacking me?" We began to crawl through the tunnel. "I concede he is a viable candidate." We found our way into the sewers, where we followed the ants some more until we found a giant one. "What is that thing?" I asked, shooting energy bolts at him.

"Fire breathing giant ant, classic Dr. Animo!" Ben said with a grin.

"He sounds like a very strange man!" Rook said, trying to fend off the ant's fangs. Ben accidentally turned into Echo Echo, but led the ant away from Rook so I could cast a healing spell on him. "And you didn't even have to ask for my help," Ben said.

"Point taken," Rook said as he got up. Rook and I tried to hit it with our own attacks, but it proved useless with the ant's exoskeleton. Ben managed to use Echo Echo's multiplying ability to lure the ant into a trap, where he used Wall of Sound to make the ant explode. "Ingenious! The sound must have atomized the pyrophoric chemicals in the ant's body!" Rook said. We were then surrounded by a bunch of giant ants. Before they could get us though, something caused them to lose interest and leave. We decided to investigate further, only to find ants carrying machinery. "Ants carrying machinery? Very odd, no matter what the size," Rook said.

"But they're big enough to carry all three of us too," Ben said. Without hesitation, we all jumped on one of the machine parts being carried. "How do you know so much about ants, Rook?" I asked. "You've only been here a week."

"When I learned I was coming to Earth, I read a fascinating guidebook by Myrzel of Valdus Prime," Rook said. "He explained that ants are the dominant life form on your planet."

"Why would he say that?" Ben asked.

"Well, ants do outnumber humans here nearly 200,000 to 1 and are found on every continent, except ANTarctica, ironically."

When we were out of the sewers, we hid behind some rocks to regroup. "Now where is this evil mastermind Dr. Animo?" Rook asked, looking around. Ben caught sight of something. "I dunno, maybe in that SKYSCRAPER SIZED ANTHILL!" Ben said. We snuck up close to the anthill. Before we entered though, Rook suggested we douse ourselves in pheromones to make ourselves smell like the colony. "You two should look away," I said as I grabbed a handful. As they looked away, I doused myself with the pheromones. When we were ready, we joined the ants.

One of them looked at us suspiciously, but left us alone after smelling that we were not enemies. "Proud of yourself, Rook?" Ben asked. Rook turned away. "I did not say a word," he said. Soon enough, we were in the nest and found the machine the ants were bringing parts for. "Yes, my pets," Animo said. "Build! Construct! Grow!"

"Dr. Animo!" Ben said. "What's the deal with sending mutant aliens to kill me?"

"Mutant aliens? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Don't play dumb!"

"I'm not playing! Quite honestly, I hadn't planned on killing you until Phase 2, yet, here you are! First, however, you will witness my greatest triumph. Did you know that there are roughly a quadrillion ants on Earh, with species native to every continent but Antarctica?" Ben glared at Rook. "Actually yes, I did," Ben said.

"The device before you generates a mutagenic pulse. It will turn every single ant on the planet into a mutant, with me, Dr. Animo, as their king! The world will be my ant farm! Mwahahahaha!"

"I thought ants had a matriarchy," I said to Rook. Rook nodded. "This is not your guy," Rook said to Ben.

"Look, Dr. Animo, I'll be the first to admit that an army of giant ants is actually pretty awesome. But come on. You know we can't let you get away with it! My partners and I are gonna-- What are you two doing?" Ben asked us. We were distracted by an ant carrying  a Kormite power core. We went after it, leaving Ben to face Animo. He accidentally turned into Rath. "Lemme tell you something, new Omnitrix that keeps turning me into the wrong thing. You're turning me into the wrong thing!"

"Ben! Animo!" Rook and I said as we were fighting the ant for the power core. Ben got back to fighting the ants, who in good numbers can take down any prey or predator. When they began to overpower him, Rook and I jumped in to help him, core in tow.

"Ben, we recovered the Kormite power core!" Rook said.

"It was a tough fight, but we got it!" I added.

"Lemme tell you something, pesky little sister and new alien partner I never wanted in the first place but I'm begrudgingly beginning to like in spite of myself, Rath is gonna--" Ben then timed out. The ants started charging at us when Ben turned into a new alien. "I like this one!" I said as I fended of an alien. "What can he do?"

"It doesn't matter what he can do! For you now face the wrath of the ant king!" Animo said.

"Ant King?" Ben asked. "You might want to work on that name! As for my name, how about Crashhoper!"

"Awesome!" I shouted as Ben fought Animo. Rook and I were then cornered by a bunch of ants. Ben joined our side. "I can set this power core to detonate," Rook said.

"Great plan!" Ben said.

"It will destroy the anthill, the ants, us, and several populated areas!"

"Not so great plan!"

"What is I adjust the power core frequency to atomize the ants?"

"Better plan!" Animo then came out of the elevator. "Oh curse you, Ben Tennyson! Curse you and your meddling ways!" Rook and I stared at Ben. "I told you so!" Ben said. A dog then jumped right next to us. "Mutant dogs too?" Ben asked. "One theme at a time, Animo!"

"That is not mine!" Animo said. The dog then transformed into a large slug dog. "But it soon will be! You must obey me! Destroy Ben Tennyson!" The dog then attacked him with all of her might. When Ben tried to attack her, he found he had no effect against her and got trapped in the goo on her face. "Rook, Dawn? Help me!" Ben said, swallowing his pride. Rook manage to use the grappling hook feature to pull Ben out. Ben the used his power of deduction to sic the ants on the monster and us go unharmed due to our familiar scent. "Now Rook!" Ben said to Rook. Rook, who used my Sororotrix and the mutating machine to modify the power core, set the core to detonate, destroying the machine and the ants. We then jumped down to stop Animo. "Aloysius James Animo!" Rook said angrily, aiming the Proto-Tool at him. Ben, who turned back, joined us. "Ooooh, he middle named you! You are so busted!" Ben taunted.

It was later when we were driving back that Rook and I saw how disappointed Ben was. "This is not your usual jubilant post-butt-kicking self, dude," Rook said.

"Yea, Ben. What's eating you?" I asked.

"Animo's not the guy. And that whatever it is that keeps jumping me, did you see how it knew the exact predator to use against my new alien?" Ben said. "It's like a Ben eating monster!"

"I admit, at first I thought you were just being paranoid, but now, someone is out to get you. Someone very dangerous," Rook said. I looked over at Ben, who I imagine was between anger and shock. "But... At least we stopped the nefarious Dr. Animo!" Rook said with a smile. "He won't be causing trouble for a long, long time!"
Omniverse Chapter, Chapter 4: Them!
Finally, after a very, very long time, Omniverse Chapter is back! This chapter is based off the episode "It Was Them".

Ben 10 belongs to Man of Action.
I only own the character of Dawn.


Rachel Cohn
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I decided to test Dawn's level of Mary Sueness using the first five chapters as a basis and a mary sue test with this website…. Here's what I got on her.

"Dawn Tennyson is nothing like you. She may be popular, or she may not, but no matter what she's impossible to ignore; she stands out... just the way you always wanted to. She may have sometimes thought that she was special, or destined for greater things, but probably dismissed the idea as a fantasy. She's come in for her share of hurt, but gotten off with minor damage. And you've been sparing with the free handouts: whatever she gains, she's worked for.

In general, you care deeply about Dawn Tennyson, but you're smart enough to let her stand on her own, without burdening her with your personal fantasies or propping her up with idealization and over-dramatization. Dawn Tennyson is a healthy character with a promising career ahead of her."

Expect chapters 4 and 5 to come soon after a long overdue wait.

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